Patients' Stories:

With very little training time left to complete my 'dream' of running the Boston Marathon, I was desperate. I tried prolonged rest, stretching, icing, enough NSAID drugs to kill a horse, and months of physical therapy. Nothing touched the acute, chronic pain of my plantar fasciitis. Finally, I put my hopes in "acoustic" therapy and it paid off! With just 14 weeks before the biggest race of my life, I began treatments. Within the first few weeks of treatment, I received relief I stopped treatment after my initial improvement, and that was a mistake.

I continued treatment because I had started to run again, and I can honestly say that the only way I achieved my goal of running the Boston Marathon was through the Wellwave miracle machine and lots of prayers! I not only completed the race, but ran it fast enough to qualify for next year's Boston! I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is looking for a new, non-invasive treatment that showed truly remarkable results.

Ron, Jackson, MI


I have always been a very active woman.  Memorial day 2010, I had a life changing fall. I dislocated my shoulder, tore my rotator cuff, broke two pieces of bone off my shoulder socket, damaged the inside of the socket and tore my bi-cep. I had surgery June of 2010 followed by months of physical therapy.  The pain was excrutiating and relentless. After 6 months and about $8000 in out of pocket cost alone, my range of motion was only 50% of normal.  I could lift my arm no more than paralell to the ground.  I struggled to accomplish the simplest of tasks, ie putting a plate on the second shelf, putting my hair in a pony tail, fastening or zipping clothing behind my back. I wanted to be able to do all these things again as well as golf, swim, waterski, kayake, etc. 

My orthopedic surgeon performed a second surgery in January 2011 to attempt to free-up the shoulder.  After another 2 months of physical therapy and another $1000 in out of pocket medical bills, I had only gained about 5% in my range of motion, had run out of insurance coverage, time and money.  I had accepted that I would live the rest of my life with the pain and reduced range of motion.

A friend told me about the PiezoWave2 and encouraged me to give it a try.  I was extremely sceptical at first. He pressured me for a couple months before he convinced me to give it a try... "What could it hurt?" he argued.

The first week in June I had a PiezoWave2 treatment.  It took about 15 minutes from start to finish and was a bit annoying, but not painful.  When I was done, the administer of the treatment asked me how it felt and asked me to raise my arm.  I questioned his request thinking I could not possibly have results after just one treatment.  He told me to see if I had gained any range of motion.  I effortlessly lifted my arm and was amazed and in awe of this miracle machine! I had gained about 45 degrees both lifting my arm out to the side and in front of me!  And there was no pain or stiffness to move the arm that far!  I could not belive my eyes! 

I went back for a second treatment a week later and gained another 20 degrees and after a third treatment I am today maybe 5 percent from what I was before the fall.  It is simply amazing the healing power in that miracle machine.  If I could afford to, I would buy a machine myself, and treat everyone I know for free!

I wish I had known the healing power of the Wellwave before all that physical therapy and the second surgery. 

Susie, firm beliver in the power of this machine.
Jackson, Michigan


Medical Professionals praises:

We added the PiezoWave2 therapy unit to our office about 4 months ago and have no regrets on our addition.  We have had exceptional results on all types of soft tissue injuries. 

We have patients that have had chronic pain in shoulders, knees, hips, low back, etc... that  have all had great lasting pain relief from just a few treatments.

We have worked with acute injuries on athletes with tremendous results. 

Patients will notice immediate reduction in pain and increased range of motion to affected joints.

The best part of the PiezoWave2 is that the results speak for themselves.  We started out working on some of our current patients, they were so excited about their results they started sending more clients in.  We have not yet even advertised,because all of our Wellwave clients are word of mouth referrals. How can you beat that?

By adding the PiezoWave2 to any practice you will also be adding many satisfied customers to your practice.

Jeremy Dowling D.C.
Maple City Chiropractic
Adrian MI 49221


Thank you to Richard Wolf Instruments for creating such a complementary, and diverse modality that will treat such a wide range of injuries. Thank you Todd Emmons for introducing us to the PiezoWave2. It has boosted patient visits, and recovery time in half. The patients are so pleased with the results in half the healing time.

I can’t imagine what I’d do without our PiezoWave2 machine. I can’t thank you enough Todd for the great service, and dedication of your time you’ve provided to us. It’s made such a big difference in my practice.

Dr. James Daniels
Hillsdale Chiropractic
Hillsdale, MI




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